Popular Gadgets in Technology

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Everyone uses a TV, cell phone, video camera, word processing applications on the computer, and likes to mix them doing multi-tasking. You can open a movie, set it on Pause, arranging your Winamp playlist for the next party, upload pictures from the last trip via USB, print a CV or list from Word and Excel documents, and install a popular program to prepare for retouching your digital pictures. You can do all these at the same time only on a reliable computer with a good processing speed, enough RAM memory, and a separate graphics card. When you are not performing your daily tasks, you like to play with those cool personalization tools like in Windows Vista, am I right?

Latest gadgets in technology come on the scene to eliminate the need for using multiple devices for each of your hobbies or work tasks. Thanks to the miniaturization, it became possible to create extremely small electronic modules to perform each function of your larger devices, all being integrated into the same small unit. Practically, you have a gadget of the same size like your compact digital camera, but with additional capabilities, such as mobile calling, live TV, word processing, audio/video playback, 3D motion-controlled games, Bluetooth wireless printing, plus the possibility to customize the entire interface, and even the exterior of the phone.

Examples of high-end gadgets include tablet PCs with rugged design for field work in harsh environments, electronic medical equipment, complex car systems with GPS, Bluetooth calls, voice commands and visual/audible traffic rerouting, as well as mobile entertainment devices like those Chinese sun glasses with built-in video playback functionality, which allows you to watch recorded shows or video clips while flying in a plane.

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